About Chef Brainy

About Chef Brainy

Chef Brainy 🧠 offers an effortless recipe generating experience. Just input a list of ingredients and our AI-powered kitchen assistant, Chef Brainy 👨‍🍳 (hence the name 🤓), will find a fantastic recipe for you to effortlessly whip up and impress not only yourself but also your loved ones and guests.

Chef Brainy was trained extensively on a wide range of recipes and cooking styles so that he can create any type of recipe you crave and Chef Brainy is always learning, always experimenting and always growing his cooking skills to better serve your needs.

Who Created Chef Brainy?

Chef Brainy was created by me, Roger Stringer 🧑‍💻, a British Columbia Canada-based software engineer who's been building projects of all sizes for over 20 years.

I'm also a trained chef and foodie who has been cooking and sharing recipes across all my sites for decades, add this to my love of building things using AI and Chef Brainy was a natural fit.

How Did You Come Up With The Idea?

As a busy single parent, I know how time consuming meal prep can be, I also know that the average family throws away $150/month in wasted food. So I created Chef Brainy with the aim of both:

  1. Taking away the pain and stress of meal prep, it generates the recipes for you
  2. Giving you a way to save money by creating intelligent and delicious ways to use up leftover ingredients. Input the ingredients you have on hand, and Chef Brainy will suggest unique recipes. Less waste, more savings.

I use Chef Brainy myself every day so I know how powerful and useful it is, and my users do as well, with over 150,000 recipes created since coming online in early 2023 and growing every day!

How Do I Show Support For What You Are Building?

This site is free to use, down the road I plan to make some features premium, but for now, it's entirely free, but it does cost money and time to build and maintain it and I am a single dad.

If you would like to show support for Chef Brainy, then you can use use the widget at the bottom of the site or use one of the following links to buy me a coffee:

Welcome to Chef Brainy

Chef Brainy is your AI-Powered Kitchen Genius. Create your own recipes, share them with the world, and get inspired by others.

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