Building an AI Chef

Chef Brainy

Building an AI Chef

Building an AI chef involves a lot of work, making sure it can find the right recipes based on what users give it, and then improve itself each time it runs.

We are always improving the model we use to train Chef Brainy, from personality quirks, to knowledge of different cuisines and styles, to knowing what the user wants.

As each user searches for more recipes, Chef Brainy gets to know more about what they like and this helps it narrow down what types of reipes they'd want to see in the future.

Shortly, we'll be adding options to let users rate and review recipes Chef Brainy creates which will then help us refine future recipes for that user.

Meanwhile, we love hearing feedback from users about the recipes Chef Brainy creates for them, as well as testing out new recipes ourselves.

We spend as much time in the kitchen as we do behind the computer.

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